June 08, 2004

3 Hour Commute...

Only in Northern Virginia...I left home this morning @ 6:55 a.m. because I had to be somewhere by 8:30. This should be PLENTY of time to drop Son off at my mom's and get to the meeting...
but a dumptruck got into a ditch on Rt. 7 this morning and the embankment was so steep, the truck with all 4 wheels on dirt was hanging over the roadway. So they shut down 1 lane (of 2) to work on it. Now, there is ONLY 1 way into the metro area from our house, and that is Rt7 so I had to sit. There was one chance to get off onto another road and drive north (instead of east) to catch another road that runs East, but that's crazy and also would be
a. congested
b. very time consuming

So the son and I sat for 2 hours on Rt 7 to get by the dumptruck, then the rest of the traffic was terrible, adding another hour...so usually a 40 minute ride took 180 minutes.
Lucky me.

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