June 24, 2004

More Stupid Human Tricks...

So I'm driving on the Toll Road yesterday. In the left lane, there are ramps so that buses can exit the main lanes and get onto the airport access lanes, which helps them avoid traffic delays. These lanes have a gate controlled by some sort of transponder on the bus. Yesterday, I see a bus go onto the ramp and another car drafting really close to the bus, so that he could get on the access lane and avoid the traffic on the Toll Road. While this is an idea that saves him 50 cents and probably 5 minutes (the access lane and the regular lanes merge 5 miles up the road) he gave the bright idea to another car, so the other car speeds onto the ramp to try and beat the gate coming back down.

Ooops - he didn't make it. Definitely NOT worth saving 50 cents and 5 minutes!

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