June 18, 2004


Ok - today, son and I had our first trip to the county water park. He didn't like it last year, it was overwhelming or something but today, today he was squealing in delight as we crossed the parking lot...
He had a blast! He went down the kiddie water slides, under the buckets-o-water, under the dripping mushroom...he crawled around and growled like an alligator...he was beside himself! I followed him like a hawk every minute. He tried to walk from the 2ft deep portion to the 4 ft deep and didn't care that it was going over his head!

But I am surprised by the bad mommies there...lots of 2 or 3 year olds where the moms simply put on the bathingsuits with the swim ring or floaties just wandering around, no mommy in site. I don't know where the mommies were - but there were quite a few mommies at various points in the water park chatting on cellphones/with friends/reading with no kids near them. I guess they assume the lifeguards or some other mom will catch their kids before they drown? This is a huge water park and there were at least 2 daycare centers there w/their kids too. I would never trust my son's LIFE to a 16 year old lifeguard who is also watching 60 kids whose parents AREN'T EVEN AT THE POOL. What if the lifeguard is distracted, yelling at some bigger kid trying to dive or do something stupid? It only takes an instant for a toddler age kid to get into danger, and the assumption that someone else will see them in time astounds me. Get real people, would you take $1,000,000 cash to the pool and leave it unattended, nope. But your kids, sure. Stupid people.

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