June 16, 2004

Usability Review of FoxNews.com

I am a software engineer. I am also a usability engineer. I am stunned that a company like Fox News would change their site and do such a terrible job! Here are my quick comments on their site - maybe they read this and will fix it (sure)...

1. The page is TOO WIDE. I have my monitor resolution set really high and still have to have the window very wide to accomodate it.
2. The headlines, which are WHY PEOPLE GOTO THIS SITE, are in a tiny scrolling box on the right (which shows 1 and 1/2 headlines at a time), not front and center, and not easily clicked on. The main headline, of course, gets a huge pic, 3 related story links, 1 video link and 2 inches of blank unused space. Wasteful.
3. Directly under the main story is a 2 inch high, full screen wide ad. Don't think this is a good choice. This should be where the other headlines go!
4. Under that first ad, are 3 fluff stories, that pretty much no one wants to read anyway. This would be another spot that could be filled with actual news.
5. The "on the record" question takes up quite a lot of space, and I'm not sure this is a really important piece - wouldn't more NEWS be appropriate in such a prominant spot on the web page?
6. Again, there are subsections for "fox news 24/7", "Fox Blogs", "Fox Connect", and a "War On Terror"...these are not major news portions and do not need to be in your face.

Just get back to giving the news and give me simple links to all this other crap! It also looks like a crayola box exploded on the page, it's so busy.

Just my 35 cents... (because any advice from me is worth more than 2 cents! ;-)

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