June 01, 2004

PANIC alert!

We called our builder today...the idea was to postpone selecting options until the last possible minute so that we could possibly upgrade some things if we saw that we've been able to save some extra pennies...they are supposed to start in September, so we figured we might be able to postpone until the end of July or so...

When I called the lady today, she said we really need to come because they need the info right away...I asked what the big hurry was and she said they'd already poured the concrete and were ready to do more work...WHAT?!?!?!?! A builder starting and being done early? The house is supposed to be done in Feb/March of NEXT YEAR and oh-my-god they're going to be done in October!

This is great news (and I'm sure my in-laws, where we currently are taking over the basement, will be thrilled) but hubby and I are a tad scared about it being ready sooner, since that's 4 months less of penny-pinching we can do...what do you think?

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