June 11, 2004

Pigs in D.C. ...

I saw the pics on TV today of the MESS people who were waiting in line to pay their respects to Reagan left in D.C. Come on people - is that anyway to behave? Trashing the place? Can we act like adults ONCE IN A WHILE and put your @#%@$% in a trashcan? I understand people waited in line something like 5 - 10 hours... in that timeframe it is not unreasonable to eat or drink and therefore produce some trash. That's fine - act like an adult and throw it away when you're done!

I'm also confused by the number of people taking cameras in - not only do I believe they weren't supposed to, what do they want pictures of - "here's Dad with Reagan's coffin"...puuuullleaze! This is the sort of thing that will stay vividly in your memory, at least in mine. The images I saw today will stay with me for an eternity, similar to the images of Diana's funeral years ago are still fresh in my mind's eye.

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