June 16, 2004

Stupid People...

It doesn't seem to be very difficult for me to re-affirm my belief that the Northern Virginia area has more stupid people than the average metro area...

For example, I take the Toll Road home from work. At this particular toll booth, it is 25 cents. Has been for years. I'm waiting in line in the exact change line to throw my money at the basket, when the lane to my right moves forward. The next car runs through the toll booth without paying, which causes the bell to ring and a flashing red light to turn on. I had noticed, as soon as I got in the line, that the car directly behind that car was a Fairfax County marked police car. This is a large Ford type car, with blue/white/red paint, logos, and light bar.

Shortly after running the toll booth, the cop flicks on his light bar to tell the offending car to pull over.

Was that worth trying to save 25 CENTS? Doubt it. Idiot.

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