June 12, 2006

And another weekend!

Oh what a GREAT weekend!

For starters, BabyT has returned to 1 wake-up a night, which is
totally tolerable! Yay Sleep!

Friday, hubby got off work early and we met him at ToysRUs so that son
could get his first bike!!!! SO amazing! And of course, he's a great
rider! So now we can be the cute family riding bikes w/the baby on
the back!

Saturday I got to sleep in a bit - then just hung out with the kids
all day. I had a 6:30 appt to get a pedicure...then on a whim picked
up dinner to go at Chipotle! We had never eaten food from there
before and ....WOW! That place is GREAT! Hubby and I are SO PICKY
about what's in our food, most mexican places put too much stuff in
the food that we don't like - but at Chipotle, I get to decide! No
veggies and veggie-like toppings for us! Meat, cheese and rice!

Yesterday we had the sitter come for a trial to see if she could
handle both kids - she did GREAT. Son loved her and so did we (BabyT
did too, but he likes everyone in the world, except my Grandma). We
got SO MUCH done around the house. Hubby picked up blinds from Lowes
and put them up, along w/our custom window treatments from our old
house from our old family room into our new bedroom and they look
GREAT (I'm loving the all-caps today!). The blinds make such a
difference (we had paper blinds) - it's like real adults live there,
not just hubby and me!

And the summary from the California trip is coming soon I promise,
just need some time to write it!


girl from florida said...

I've never tried Chipotle, I'll have to try it. YUM!! I can picture your cute family riding along :) So sweet!

Sara said...

WE LOVE CHIPOTLE! We eat there at least 3 times a week and Ainsley will sleep when we go because they have really loud music. :-)