June 14, 2006

Friday in San Jose...

Recap: me and girl friends have arrived in San Jose to have a girls'
weekend and baby shower!

Friday morning: after going to bed at 3 a.m. local time (6 a.m. East
Coast Time!)... my friend that lives in San Jose, SMG, arrives after
dropping her son off at preschool at 9:45 a.m. She finds me and other
friend SK in bed.

We sit around and have girly-chat time for 2 hours! Soon we are
joined by other friend SB. Who knew we've all discovered Secret
deodorant stops working after a time and you need to alternate it w/a
different brand for effectiveness! Also discussion on Brazillian
Laser Light treatments ensues (verdict from friend having it done: by
treatment #2 out of 5, the light is turned up so high it's quite
painful, but yet still NEAT-O).

Decide to go visit SMG's hubby, who works at G00GLE and have lunch
with him there (we love her hubby, he's great!).

There's not much I can say publicly, except that it was SO COOL I
cannot even begin to express it in words. By far, the hit of the day
( other than the FREE FOOD CAFETERIA stocked with organic foods of
your choice and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream ) were the Japanese
toilets that they had installed there!

Please see this picture that someone else :

These are GREAT! So we 5 ladies tromp on in there and as each of us
sat down, there was an audible "oooooh!" when we sat on the WARMED
TOILET SEAT! How nice! Especially since the building was freezing!
THEN, one by one my friends pressed the "front" button, or what they
thought was the front, but I guess they each accidentally pressed
"rear" and then an audible "hey!!!!" from each as the water turned on!
It was HILARIOUS (I did not partake in the washing though, I didn't
trust that they dryer would work well enough for my taste and who
wants to be wet down there wandering around?)

BUT MORE HILARIOUS was when we exited the restroom and there was SMG's
hubby sitting outside the door wondering what the HELL-a was going on
in the bathroom - apparently he could hear quite the commotion. It
was so funny!!!!!!

More later - this is a long entry...coming up, dinner and a baby shower!


enjanerd said...

Oh my goodness. I *love* google. I am so jealous!

enjanerd said...
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girl from florida said...

SO COOL!!!!! I wish you took pics :)