June 21, 2006

Gosh...where was I?

Oh yes!  San Jose!
After our wonderful trip to G00GLE HQ, we returned to our hotel  (see this link! The Wild Palms, baby. http://www.jdvhospitality.com/hotels/hotel/20 It was GREAT! )
Where we lounged by the pool like the bathings suit beauties we are (HA!).  Then showered up for dinner at a fabulous restaurant, where my girlfriends kept trying to take pictures of a waiter that bore a STUNNING resemblance to Orlando Bloom and yes, you read that right.  We also had a baby shower for SMG there - and showered her with tons o' girly baby clothes for her new little one. 
Then - back to SMG's house for drinks and hanging out, after yet another fun girly trip to the grocery store, where I'm sure we conviced all the employess that we were CRAZY.
And - our rental car was a mack-daddy tricked out 300M.  We were quite the scene!
More tomorrow - we still have to cover Saturday's events!

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