June 06, 2006

And on Thursday Night, they arrived...

So - last Thursday all us girlies arrive in San Jose! SO much fun!

We were supposed to go right to bed (11 p.m. San Jose time) and meet
our friend that lives there in the morning (the pregnant one!) - but I
needed snacks from the grocery store, then the sisters decided we
needed wine...and you can guess the rest. We went to bed at 3 a.m.
local time (6 a.m. my time!!!) -yikes! It is SO NICE to just hang
with your girlfriends and chat and hear what's going on in there lives
(my friend E is being chased by an VeryImportant Internet CEO! SO

More later - gotta get back to work! Watch for Friday's events recap
coming soon!

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

6 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed.