June 08, 2006

those crazy people!

The past couple of days, people seem to not be looking in the mirror -
or maybe just not caring anymore?

I've seen
- lady in a red tank sweater with black dressy pants....and OLD TEVAS!
- lady in nice dressy black skirt, with a white top made of very thin
fabric - so muc so that the seams appeared SUPER WHITE because the
rest of the shirt was so thin. AND old ratty flip flops?!
- young woman in cool multi-length trendy skirt, little jean
jacket....and tennis shoes???
- a woman in a white dress, once again in such thin material that any
seam or area of double material (like around the neck, where they sew
the tag in) is SUPER WHITE because it's 2 layers of white material and

Why dress so cute if you're going to wear shoes that undo all the cuteness??

1 comment:

enjanerd said...

Haha... I have to admit to doing this sometimes.

When I take the metro, it's about a 2/3 mile walk to my office. I usually do the sneaker thing and then swap shoes when I get to my office. But as I was leaving this morning, I did consider the tevas, but decided against them because I was paranoid that people would look down on me for it. ;)