August 26, 2006

dang it...

babyT just gagged AGAIN and threw up all over me and the chair. Lovely. To the relative that said they got their colds from the cooler nights, rather than the kids that had a cold that played w/my kids, I say "i don't think so".

So, as anal as I was about letting my kids play with other kids who simply have colds (because their parents think it's no big deal to share those germs) I am going to be MORE ANAL now - because I've been cleaning up vomit at least once a day since tuesday ( a couple of days TWICE ) - BabyT gets up now TWICE at night - once for meds and once to eat AND he's barely eating during the day because the cold makes him not hungry. I will throw a fit if someone brings kids w/a cold over to my house now. Or lets us come over w/out proper warning. Or they will be getting a phone call every damn time I have to get up in the middle of the night w/the baby because of them.

(yes, the lack of sleep is making me cranky, why do you ask?)

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