August 30, 2006

Slightly better!

Well - BabyT is on the road to recovering from his cold!  And he's eating again! YAY!  So now, that's two out of two children that don't eat when they're sick.  At least it's a good warning sign of impending doom!
BabyT has also learned to pull up VERY WELL and does it all the time.  He's really bad at the balancing though, so I think walking is still a ways off, sadly (I can't wait for him to walk as he is SO HEAVY!)...
Son is excited about going to Disney World next week for our vacation EXTRAVAGANZA!  It will be a blast, or at least it'd better be!
Today is day 3 of pool building! I will post pictures shortly, but it's going to be fabulous in about 4 weeks!  We cannot WAIT!!!!!!
Also, the big news is still underwraps, but I should be all finished w/the details in about 2 more weeks - stay tuned!  We've already had 1 lucky guesser!!  *wink wink!


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Hey! I sent you a guess in e-mail and never got a response!

girl from florida said...

I want to know the big news!!!

I can't believe he's already pulling up... so BIG!! I'm glad the boys are feeling better (and eating!) xoxo