August 24, 2006

i am SO TIRED.  We went to a birthday party Sunday and Tuesday evening (exactly the incubation time) both boys are behaving oddly.  Tuesday night, each boy got up TWICE.  Wednesday morning we realize they've both come down with colds (thanks other birthday party attendees - you owe me about 19 hours of sleep by now).
So last night, BabyT slept from 9 - 11:30.  12:30 - 2:30.  3 - 4.  4:20 - 4:35.  He was asleep (FINALLY) when I left the house at we'll see.
Son slept...ALL NIGHT  (remember, he's 4 and 1/2).
So all the people that say they should build up their immune systems while they're really young can KISS MY ASS.  Having a sick baby is annoying and painful for all involved.  Yes, they'll get sick less often when in Kindergarten - but if they wait until Kindergarten to get the sickies, THEY DON'T KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT.  So who's the dumb one?  The idiots telling me it's GOOD & HEALTHY to expose the baby to germs.  SHUT UP.


girl from florida said...

Not to mention that by the time they get to kindergarten, they are DIFFERENT germs, so early exposure may not even help that much!!

I'm so sorry! I hope you'll get some good serious sleep soon, and the boys feel better. xoxo

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Been there, done that, many times over. Skip what the masses may call good advice about immune systems; you're on the right track.