August 13, 2006

We're back!

Phew! After yesterday's 7 hour drive, we're back! THEN BabyT threw up his dinner. THEN BabyT exploded a diaper all over the walker (which he also did on vacation, btw).

There are 2 ways to slant the vacation --> how much fun we had (and we DID!) and how much god-awful-lot of work it was...

- swimming out in the deeper ocean with Son. I would carry him out to 5 1/2 feet or so and we'd swim around together.
- watching the kids enjoy their extended family
- going to the Pavillion and watching Son ride the water ride (a big person ride) AND LOVE it
- taking Son to play Mini-golf
- watching BabyT in the sand! SAND!
- getting a few relaxing rays of sun (like 2 seconds worth)

Hard Work:
- carrying 42 pd son out into the wavy ocean trying not to get dunked!
- BabyT not sleeping well at all
- keeping BabyT off the gross floor at the beachhouse
- occupying babyT w/out the usual array of "baby stations" (ie. exersaucer, living room basket, activity center, etc)
- trying to feed both kids at once while everyone else is also trying to get breakfast
- BabyT throwing up a couple of times (reflux)

BUT it was a blast and I wouldn't change a thing (ok, maybe I'd trade the throwing up for some chocolate or something!)

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