August 04, 2006

Prepare yourselves...

Our yearly trip is here - Myrtle Beach here we come. Thinking we might have too much to fit in our car (a Yukon XL) hubby bought a tailgate rack.

Thinking we STILL have too much to fit in the car, I've cut out a whole large suitcase and box of stuff. We'll see. My mom is bringing herself (which takes up a seat) and a very large suitcase (funny, the clothes for ALL FOUR OF US, plus some towels fit into a large suitcase also, but whatever).

Wish us luck packing!

So far we have:
2 large suitcases (ours + mom's)
1 box towels/sheets
1 pack&play
1 backpack carrier
2 sunshades for on the beach
1 baby portable highchair
5 people!
1 golf clubs & bag
1 small clothes basket of shoes
1 toiletries bag
1 box misc (sunscreen, TIDE, baby oatmeal)

We'll see!

ALSO! Congrats to JENN on having her twins! YAY JENN and I can't wait for pics of those cuties!

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

Oh my gosh!! How are you going to fit that? HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!