August 23, 2006

Morning Annoyance...

Ok... Often, I have reason to stop and get gas on the way to work.  This gas station is the nearest one to Dulles Airport.  AND there are 2 types of people that MAKE ME CRAZY  often there...
Type 1: don't know what side gas tank is on!  HELLO?  How hard is this?  EVEN IF it's a rental, they put a triangle on the gas gauge POINTING at the side of the car the tank is on.  It kills me when I see people trying to fill up w/the tank on the far side the car w/the pump hose stretched way over the trunk.  Often, they have to get back in the car and drive to another pump, which, being a very busy gas station, drives everyone crazy.
Type 2: People that leave their car at the pump and go into the store.  I'm not talking about people going in WHILE the car fills.  I'm talking about people that fill the car, then unhook the pump and F-ing go shopping.  MOVE YOUR DAMN CAR.  Like I said, this is a crazy busy airport, and very often, I'm waiting for a pump, when there are 3 or 4 unattended cars NOT BEING FILLED taking up spaces.  And if you have to prepay because you use cash, DON'T.  This is a huge waste of time for everyone - and don't lie to me and tell me you don't have an ATM card or a credit card.
Anyways, these people bug me, so if you could please pass the word along so that portion of the world's population will start behaving like intelligent beings, I'd appreciate it!

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