August 01, 2006

Did I commit a faux pas?

I was at a specialty shop yesterday acquiring hubby's birthday present. 
As the cashier was ringing me up (SLOWLY!) I notice a newspaper on the counter.  It was set so the guy in the line to my right could read it, so I cocked my head a bit so I could just take a peek at the headlines.  A few seconds later, the guy notices I'm (GASP!) reading his newspaper (remember, just with my eyes, I wasn't going to touch someone else's paper!) and jerks it away so I can't see it.

Seriously? What is his problem?  It's not like the paper can only be read once then the words go away or something...who cares if I was *looking* at it.  What an ass.

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Anonymous said...

How anal retentive is that!?!?!? To my knowledge, you didn't do anything wrong. If he wanted to be the only one to read his paper, then he should read it at home! Sheesh!
Anne @