May 21, 2004

100 Things About Me...

Well, seems like all bloggers do this so here goes...

(note, I'm going to do it in portions as I have time though).

100. Drive a big mean looking black Yukon XL Denali
99. Last car was a black Yukon XL
98. First new car was a Camaro Z28, metallic blue
97. Parents car that I drove, 1978 Chevy Imapala, mint green
96. Have 1 child, a son that is so loved, he is an incessantly happy child
95. Married to hubby almost 6 years
94. Anniversary is on Oct. 31 (Halloween)
93. Son's birthday is Dec. 31 (New Year's Eve)
92. Went to Va Tech, heart never left
91. College best friends are still my best friends
90. I am a 'software engineer', one of 2 female engineers at my company
89. Hubby and I are a perfect match, don't like veggies or fruit
88. Spend too much money on my son
87. Spend too much money on hubby
86. Have very bad spring allergies
85. Terrified of bugs
84. Favorite book - Gone With The Wind
83. Love diet coke
82. Love chocolate
81. I love to run and workout at the gym
80. Eat when no one's looking

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