May 28, 2004

Driving School...

I was taught one very important thing by my Dad about driving...his opinion that he made my opinion is that when you want to change lanes in traffic, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a hole in the desired lane. This means that you don't put on your signal when there's no hole and just move, assuming people will make way for wait and watch for a hole then you signal your intent and move. It is not up to the other drivers to make room for you...the responsibility is yours. I see a TON of drivers in this area that assume if their signal is on, they can do whatever they please and that I will get out of their way. I don't think so...and because I drive a big SUV, they usually don't force the issue ;-)

It just seems to me that the rule my Dad taught me is a more curteous way of driving...what do you think?

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