May 20, 2004


Ok, long story short...NOT!

I handle the car insurance for my mom & little brother. My Mom just sold my Dad's truck so I had to call Allstate to have it removed from the policy and the premium recalculated...

Now it's a bit complicated because she has 3 cars... a Caprice that she drives every day, a Camry that she uses occaisonally, and a Camaro, which my brother drives, but only once in a while. He mainly drives a truck supplied to him by his work. I had to fax Allstate proof of this when he first got the job (in May of 2002) so that they wouldn't list him as primary driver on any of the vehicles since he's really not driving any of the to / from work every day.

So I get the new bill and it's amazingly high. They assumed (of course) that the young male driver must be primary on the newest, most expensive car, the Camry.

I've had 2 conversations w/these people to try and fix it and last time, the guy told me that he had all the info in the computer (even though they lost the orignal fax about my brother not using any of the vehicles for work, he'd take my word for it) and gave me the new total.

Shockingly, the bill that came in the mail was $150 too high and he has YET to return either of my two phone calls to him (it might be possible that I did not sound too friendly on his voice mail).

More to come if I ever get a hold of him...

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