May 15, 2004


Well today was another lovely day...We bought the son a playground and pool last night...speaking of which...
One would THINK a Yukon XL would be big enough to tote said playground and pool home...well, after some creative thinking, yes! We got this playground - it comes in 2 HUGE boxes, one which takes up the entire back of the XL (with the 3rd seat OUT) and opened the second box and put the individual pieces in the back. Then we had to tie the pool on TOP of the XL (noting that the pools is

A. quite slippery
B. doesn't have anything to attach the rope TO to keep it from blowing off

after 45 minutes of debating, off we drove, back home at 5 under the speed limit for safety reasons ;-)

So today consisted of setting up the pool & playground - then moving the built playground after realizing the first spot was way too sunny...

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