May 21, 2004

Please pick you jaw up off the floor...

I have nothing to complain about today ( oh, I'm sure if I tried really, really hard I could find something - ok, got it - putting a 2 year old down for a nap should NOT take 90 minutes! Ugh...but he's down now and I can post quickly, tour my favorite sites and take a quick shower, yipee!!!! )

Loving Fridays, as that's my day to spend w/the little boy hanging out. Since we're so busy tomorrow, we just hung out here today. We observed that apparently a momma centipede-type thing had babies in the sandbox, so we need to wait for Dad to get home and advise...We rode our tricycle around and little one pedaled ALL BY HIMSELF - now come on, he's got to be advanced for his age ;-)

I have a tough time w/the boy
a. getting him to eat meals
b. getting him to eat anything healthy when he does actually eat

But today was a good day, we had carrot/apple juice and pancakes (with wheat germ and chocolate chips) for bfast and 1/2 an apple, a hot dog, and milk for lunch.

The promise of 2 hershey kisses got him to try a chocolate chip dipped in peanut butter and I SWEAR he almost threw up...that boy REALLY hates to try new things.

Shower time!

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