October 07, 2004

Back from Detroit...

Some observations...
  • security at the Detroit Metro Aiport allowed 30 pilots/stewardesses in front of us in line - as soon as they walked up, they got put at the front of the line. Why is their time more important than mine? They should be capable of planning enough time to get thru security as well... Extremely irritating - especially considering hte sheer number of people that butt in line.
  • if you are a passenger that needs assistance, and I understand there are many conditions that can cause this, even if it is not easily visible to by-standers, I would think you would check baggage that you cannot handle yourself. Heck, I'm "able-bodied" and I check every damn thing I can.
  • George Bush flew out of Detroit right ahead of us so we got to see Air Force One and his three entourage planes on the tarmac. That was kinda neat.
  • Detroit in the morning is damn cold this time of year.

    That's it - signing off for now...again, blogging will be light this weekend because my brother is getting married and we'll be off doing cool wedding stuff...I will post a pic of son in his little tux though when I can!
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