October 04, 2004

I'm Baaaaaack...

Ugh..but blogging will be light again this week as the sales gods are hi-jacking me to Detroit...Yuck, who the heck wants to go there??

Overall, the trip to Corolla, NC was a blast. Grandpa & L even offered to babysit Son Saturday night so hubby and I could go out alone for a nice dinner. I love my son to pieces, but a nice dinner once in a while alone is fabulous...the reason I married my hubby (at least one of them) is that he's great company! So we had a good time and seems the son had a great time with Grandpa & L as well - when we came home, bearing sundaes, he ran right by us w/L to go play some more downstairs! Shocking, I know!

Luckily, nothing eventful has happened since, so I'm signing off now, but I'll be back later today!

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