October 21, 2004

Last Day...

So today is my last day at my company. The company where I am employee #6. Where I have been for almost 5 years.
Where I got to manage, officially, for the first time.
Where I got to make a huge impact on the user interface and had serious input to it constantly (being the first UI person hired for a new product tends to do that).
Where people really listened to suggestions and then implemented them.
Where I did usability reviews and people actually fixed usability problems.

It is very sad for me. Even though I'm excited about where I'm going...I love the team we have here. I love the product. I love the friends I have gained...E, M.H., R, M.Y. ...well, you guys know who you are.

So long guys, keep in touch! I will be trying to get my new company to purchase licenses, don't worry!

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