October 18, 2004

Breaking News...she updates!

Hi there! I am SO SORRY for the delays in updating! We finally took our trip to FLA but we detoured most of it thru DisneyWorld! It was a blast, though not restful at all and today I am exhausted! Not to mention sick from the cold son caught there and gave to me. Oh well...

I was surprised by the number of Europeans in Disney...Don't they hate us? Esp French - lots of French people there. If they hate us so much, give up the Disney stuff and explain it all to your 4 year old little girl when you stop buying Disney Princess stuff, or shut-up about hating us. It's funny, countries where people claim to hate us seem to have an insatiable desire for our stuff - Disney, Levi jeans, our music, etc. Though the English (Britons?) that we met were all very nice and outgoing. Most of the American and English vacationers will say Hi and smile and generally be nice... I am generally more outgoing and smiley on vacation too - why not? I'm on vacation and happy about it so I'm terribly cheerful to everyone!

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girl from florida said...

I'm the same way on vacation. I usually smile at people anyway, I can't help it.

Hmmm... didn't you notice all the incredibly obese people at Disney? Last time I went, I noticed 1. a lot of Europeans 2. white, pasty people with awful sunburns and 3. incredibly overweight people who could not fit in rides but were chomping on mickey mouse lollipops and ice cream.

I am a horrible person for noticing all this.