October 04, 2004

My little brother...

is amazing!

My Dad was renovating our house and was almost done when he passed away. Since then, my brother has done all the little things (like trim work) that he didn't do - but we had one problem. The main staircase was temporary plywood boards. Hmmm. Dad was going to finish it into a beautiful staircase. Well, he didn't have time before he died, so Mom's been looking at the icky plywood ones for 3 and 1/2 years. I had a contractor come in to estimate them and he had bad news. The way they were done, they passed inspection when they were done, like 6 years ago, but the way the new regulations were he could not possibly do them to meet today's code. Yikes - and he can't do them if he can't make them make code.

What the F**K do we do now? No contractor can do it - to make them meet code, where the top of the stairs meets the upstairs, there are door ways on the right and the left, so the depth of the stair case cannot change, which means we can't make it make code w/out re-doing the entire front portion of the house - which my mother cannot afford.

SO - 2 weeks ago Sonny and I goto Lowes - $1,100 worth of materials - step pieces and stain. Then he cuts and stains and seals the pieces and last week - put it all in... And I have to say, it looks fabulous! And then when you take into account that he's never done this before - amazing! And the edge work and trimwork looks so great! To top it off, he nailed his hand w/the nail gun to the stairs! He's ok though...but I bet that hurt.

Sonny - you're amazing and Dad would be so proud.

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