September 22, 2004

Back To School Night...

This was very interesting. We signed up hubby, myself, and my mother to be "in room parents" - which means (on a rotationg basis) we get to be in the classroom and help out once in a while! We're exited. We also got more info about the OctoberFest they have planned. I also got to speak w/the teacher and ask how son did after I left him yesterday morning. She said that within 10 minutes, he was fine. And that they went to the playground yesterday and he's a maniac on the playground (which I knew) and extremely coordinated for his age - he was doing monkey bars, jumped up on the funky tire swing w/no help, etc. Hubby also got to meet son's teacher and liked her a lot.

The most interesting part was when the director of the preschool had her informational and Q&A session.
  • there was one question from a mother from India - she wanted to know what the school was doing to teach the children about holidays that are relevant to other religions (meaning her religion, I assume)...I thought the director's answer was FABULOUS (remember, this is a RELIGIOUS preschool - though not of my denomination which is Methodist, it is close)... she said she would be happy to have anyone who would like to focus on a holiday of a different religion to prepare a lesson plan and activities and come in and teach it. Love it! Now, I sent my son to a religion based preschool because I think it's important to learn the stories and have the background of what all this stuff is about (for example, the story of Jesus and what happened) - not necessairily to become a big church go-er, but whatever happens, happens and I'm fine with that. If I wanted him to learn the holidays important to a different religion, I'd have sent him there (for example, he also got into a preschool run by a prominent synagogue here)...
  • The Viral Menegitis problem. Parents were trying to beat her up on the actions taken to disenfect the school - she was good and handled it very well. Apparently they bleached everything (bathrooms, toys, tables, etc.). Then people were asking all sorts of questions about symptoms and when exactly they should take their kids to the doctor..etc. She must've said 15 times, call your DR. I am not a medical professional. Call your DR.

    It's funny - hubby and i both thought it went very much like a 'work' meeting where you get people asking questions just to ask, or just to make themselves sound smart, or people who don't listen, but simply wait to ask their question and usually end up asking the same question the last guy asked.
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    girl from florida said...

    I went to a religious elementary & middle school and it was a wonderful foundation. I think it really helped me develop a fundamental core of spirituality. Anyway, it's a great foundation for your son!