September 11, 2004


Ok, so Hurricane Ivan is tearing it up...supposedly there won't be any Grand left in Grand Cayman by this time tomorrow. Yikes. It looks like the Sarasota area will be spared a direct hit, but having a Cat 5 Hurricane go by 50 miles to the west isn't a walk in the garden either. I hope they fare OK. We are trying to decide when we should reschedule for...the CFO of our company recommended after Hurricane season ends. Duh... it's not totally for vacation, it's so Son can spend some quality time with his Granny.

Not much to update today...just spent the day hanging out w/Hubby & Son, then off to Winchester to go to the Golden Coral! Even though it was Shrimp Night, the place was only 1/2 full - very odd. Usually Saturday nights is a 2 hour wait. Hubby and I were wondering if it's because it's 9/11? Maybe. My Mom's hair salon was also empty all day, which is unusual for a Saturday.

Not much else to report from here...Over and out.

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