September 14, 2004

Tax Dollars Well Spent.

Mr. Virginia State Trooper says they can't do anything because they can't track his plates. I only had 4 digits (I thought it only had 4 digits because he had Maryland organizational plates, which have 2 very small letters, listed VERTICALLY, before the 4 large digits and I didn't get the 2 small letters. And we certainly can't query the database for all cars that have plates that end in those 4 digits of make FORD and of a certain model. Well, actually, I could if I had access to the server, but the cops cannot, as the software they use doesn't allow to search like that. And he is not going to take the time to even try the most popular organizational plates (like University Of MD) - and he says even then there'd be too many hits.

Ok - this was a sports car, of a particular color. I bet there's only ONE of these cars, in this color, for the entire list of organizational plates.

F*CK. This is a felony and he should be
a. punished
b. paying for repairs to my paint job

Any suggestions out there? Here's an example of the type of plate I saw :

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