September 20, 2004

I want my MTV...

ok XMRadio...they advertise this fabulous traffic service for major metropolitan areas. I think DC and Northern Va qualify ( currently ranked #2 in terms of traffic )...

When I turn to the traffic station for my area, they IGNORE 2 of the other major inbound routes to the city from points west. There are 3 major ones: Rt. 66, Dulles Toll Road, and Rt. 7. For Rt 66, they go into detail - giving the exact speed and time to travel between exits. That is it for the broadcast. The Toll Road is just as big as 66 ( 4 lanes, each way ) and just as crowded. But you wouldn't even know it existed if you listed to them. Many times, I'll be sitting in unusually heavy traffic on the Toll Road, check the station for traffic updates...nada. Shocker.

Rt. 7 is the other major inbound road - it is usually backed up from DC to Winchester (i believe that's 60 miles or so) and not a peep about that either.

All I would like is a quick update (I don't need to know the exact mph or minutes it'll take from one exit to another, though it'd be nice) there an accident or is it just a volume delay?

Am I asking too much?

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