September 07, 2004

Can you pee standing up?

Ok - we are into the "try going to stores" and see if son will remember to tell us he needs to go potty stage. Dinner @ Cracker Barrel Friday night was a success - he used the potty in the ladies room - I, however, screwed it up. Usually, we take his pants all the way off so he can "see" what he's doing. Can't do that in a dirty bathroom with our shoes on. Hmm. So I sit son down (after wiping the seat very well) and he proceeds to pee into his underpants and shorts still down around his ankles. Totally my fault. Crap. Now have to change son even though he did his part.

Monday - at another restaurant. Thought I'd be smart and send son in with hubby, so they can practice together. Both emerge from the restroom looking triumphant. What? How can that be? Come to learn the seat was too gross for hubby to consider setting son's precious behind he stood him on it and let him pee standing up! What an ingenious idea! Why didn't I think of that? Darn, he's good! Problem solved!

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