September 21, 2004

Rough Morning...

So it is a 90 minute commute this morning because
  • stupid dumbasses in the area don't get SmartTag causing huge backups at the toll booth, which extend so far, even those of us with SmartTag are stuck in it until we can get to the point where we can drive through our special lanes.
  • the State of Virginia decide to scrape the left lane of Rt. 7 and leave it that way - causing more the inbred commuters around here to drive unusually slow, as if at some point they will come across something they cannot drive's very odd if you ask me, just f-ing drive, it doesn't matter if it's smooth pavement or rough pavement, it's still pavement and you can be pretty sure they didn't just put in a huge sinkhole, so please continue at a reasonable speed.

    AND son cried the whole way because he didn't want to goto preschool. Very fun for me. About half way I got hubby on the phone so he could share in the suffering - the upside is that son stopped crying while on the phone, so I got a minute or two of peace!

    THEN we arrive at the school. Son is hysterical. Has to pee - get to bathroom, find out he's soaked. He pees. I strip him and run back to his class to get the spare set of clothes (note that this leaves him no spare clothes for later)...he's still hysterical. He pees like 5 more times.

    Get back to class. He's still crying. We start to draw with markers. Crying still but not so much. I tell him I need to leave. He says bye (while still crying) and wanders over to the other kids (while still crying).

    I leave (forgetting of course my sunglasses, which i cannot go back in and get and disrupt the class). Teacher's aide hands me some papers on my way out the door.

    Some brat in the Monday class has viral menengitis, and they're just letting us know. Nice. How can some kid have that and be sent to school? Crap. Now I can worry about son getting it too - thanks lady.

    I'm having a lovely day...
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