September 20, 2004


That's all I have to say...hubby and I watched "The Passion of the Christ" last night. I was brought up in the Methodist church, and have watched tons of movies about Christ where it gives anywhere from his whole life story to the just the crucifiction part...never have I seen one w/the gory details in this one. Where did they get that information? I re-read the bible excerpts today and they don't give those details? What other book was used as referenced? I'm just curious - I'd like to read it as well.

I thought I had read that Gibson was as historically accurrate as he could be - if that is true, I am shocked that men could do that to each other and the torture that Jesus endured. I couldn't even watch some of it - and watching his mother watch. The thought of having to watch someone do that to my son is sickening.

Thoughts? It did spark good conversation between hubby and I though - as somehow he's lived his whole life without hearing the story before.

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