September 01, 2004

Traveling Man...

Ok, traveling support of our sales team had me doing 2 demos in Richmond today. While at lunch, I overheard some workers talking about the flooding from Hurricane Gaston. Hold on, this part sucks...

Apparently Richmond recently built some retaining walls in the Shocko Bottom section of Richmond to keep the river in check so it didn't overflow it's banks into the business there. Good idea. BUT, with Hurricane Gaston, it rained so much so fast, the retaining walls actually kept all the rain that fell in that area from draining into the river and away from the businesses. Doesn't that suck? Wait, it gets better.

Now, the insurance companies won't pay the claims. Their reason is this...the flooding was not caused by Mother Nature or by a leak on the it is not covered! Yikes!

As a side note, blogging will be light tomorrow as well, since I am traveling with our East Coast Sales Dude to Pittsburg, PA. Oh. goodie.

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