February 23, 2005

Asshole Drivers... v. 1

Ok...based on some postings I've read this week, some people think the only asshole drivers are drivers of large vehicles (I've seen specifically pointed out Yukon and F150 drivers)... I would like to challenge that assumption ... I think the assholes are equally distributed among vehicle types...so I'm starting a record.

This will be the list of drivers I encounter during my driving around the Northern Virginia area (an area RIPE w/asshole drivers - evidenced by the THREE I have for my list since I decided to keep track).

I will have a summary list - where you can general vehicle type (suv vs sedan vs truck) and specific make and model.

General Table:
General Type# Assholes Encountered
Small Truck1
Small Sedan1
Large/Med Sedan1

Specific Vehicles:
ToyotaSmall Pickup20 Something MaleCut me off
VWJetta30 Something MaleDriving on wrong side of parking garage. Because unable to pull in space when driving on the correct side. Expected me to wait for him to park.
LincolnLS 40-50 Something MaleRan stop sign, almost hit me.


Anita said...

I so want to blog soon on a-hole charlotte drivers.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

I've often complained about drivers of both sexes doing things they ought not while driving: farding, eating aa bowl of cereal...

size of the vehicle means little to those who are inattentive drivers.