February 15, 2005

Why my husband rocks...

He is over-flowing w/having done good things for me!!!!!

1. did not actually purchase any vday gifts for me, as directed by ME
2. made dinner last night
3. cleaned kitchen and laundry room yesterday! did all dishes! then unloaded dishwasher!
4. and this is the best! My best friend (one of them) is coming Friday so she and I can have a "girls night" and go clubbing at the poshest clubs in DC! And he is, as we speak, arranging a limo for us! Talk about supportive!

He rocks!

Speaking of #4 above, if any of you have suggestions on super posh, super trendy clubs / bars / martini bars in DC, please speak up!

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

WOW!! What a sweet hubby :) You live in DC? Somehow I missed that :) Do you ever go to Dean & Deluca? I wish we had one here... sigh... Sorry I can't help with the club part.