February 21, 2005

Good grief!

Am I tired! Hubby is away, taking training this week so it's just me and the boy! All week! (note that a break in there somewhere might be nice)

BUT he was up last night twice to goto the bathroom, then up for good at 6:30...WTF? What we like to consider the usual wake-up time is 7-7:30, but lately it's crept back towards 6:30?? WHY?

We ran errands today and then had a neighbor over to play outside then came inside to play...lots and lots of fun!

Then, at 4, I realized I had forgotten to feed us lunch! Idiot! So we ate grilled cheese and watermelon (only he ate the watermelon, not me) and chocolate (Ovaltine) milk.

I know this may sound like a terribly boring day, but the two of us had a grand time! We also put together his Mickey Mouse puzzle at least 15 times, played spaceships w/his StarWars ships, fighting swords, chase, BounceAround, matchbox cars, laundry games (hahahahahaha) and so much more!

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girl from florida said...

That sounds like the PERFECT day to me! :) I'm completely serious!