February 16, 2005

Funny Old Lady...

So driving home from work, I am at a red light, about 15 cars back.

This car is turning onto the road I'm on, but it's such a sharp right turn, it's almost a U-Turn. She has not turned the wheel early enough and thinks she cannot complete the turn w/out hitting the cars waiting at the light. I say "thinks" because I can see from where I am she has at least 10 feet of clearance to make her turn. She's driving an older mid-size, but not large car.

So she sits there, waiting for the light to turn and the cars to move (while blocking traffic on Rt. 7 during rush hour). She completes her turn and heads towards me (I've missed the light, damn short cycles). Puts on her blinker. I observe that yes, it's a little old lady. She turns into the parking lot, I flick my head to the right to see what lot she's going into ...SkiChalet? Orvis? StoreHouse Furniture? Nope..the adult video store. Too effing funny.

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