February 08, 2005

Shhhh...males sleeping

Ok...so yesterday I arrive home about 6 p.m. When walking thru the laundry room/mud room, notice pile of clothes on washer. This is where I've instructed hubby I want clothes that need extra rinsing before washing (usually mud)...notice that shirt has funny, chunky mud on it.

Walk out to family room - son and hubby not on first floor? Go to turn off bathroom light (damn electric bills) before heading upstairs, where I hear them in bath. Egads! Bathroom covered in vomit and paper towels! Yikes!

Run upstairs...apparently son threw up twice, once on hubby (luckily hubby's body protected couch and carpet) and once "near" toilet, but w/so much force, bathroom walls now streaky (remember, brand new house)...

Ok...I play w/son in bath, while hubby changes and cleans bathroom. We are drying son off when I notice funny mouth twitches. Mention to hubby that now is probably a good time to stop sitting on toilet lid and open it. Son vomits.

Get dressed and go downstairs. Son vomits. Get him on couch w/blankie. Son vomits. Clean up. Son vomits.

Call dr. Nurse says vomitting that much is TOO MUCH come RIGHT in...nothing strikes fear in your heart faster than hearing something like that (except of course, watching your son throw up 6 times in an hour).

Dr. gives him anti-vomit meds (why didn't they have those when I was little?) and sends us home w/instructions and signs of things to watch for that may be more serious. Key instruction...no water/fluid until he's gone 1 hour w/out vomiting. He throws up 2 more times before the meds kick in, then we're done.

So we drag his bed into our room (no way is he sleeping alone in that condition). Give him the prescribed 1 oz. of water. He feels that we are being terrible, as all he wants is water and we won't give it to him. In the BIG GLASS. Ugh...terrilbe to have to withhold water from your child. But I am a nothing if not a stickler for rules, so 1 oz. an hour it is. Somehow, he wakes up every hour demanding his water...and of course, begging for more than his 1 oz. Heartbreaking I tell you.

So today, we're all tired. Notice he has fever. Goto kiddie medicine cabinet -it's a true testament to his immune system that all the meds we have are for children younger than him (infant type vs. children's type), unopened and expired. Seriously.

So hubby runs to store again (went last night to purchase pedialyte) to get Children's Motrin, which as soon as it crossed son's lips, he felt better. Amazing.

Now they're both dozing on the couch, I can clean up all the grossness around my house (or blog!)...


girl from florida said...

Oh no! Poor little guy!!! Vomiting is the WORST THING ever! Did you get plenty of medicine? I had a stomach flu last year and filled the whole rx so we could have the anti-vomit drug here in case it happens again.

I also think cleaning up (someone elses) vomit is almost worse than actually vomitting. Good luck with that :)

I hope he feels better soon... and you or hubby don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww!!! That reminds me of the time one of hubby's coworkers came to work one day, looking like crap. When asked what was wrong, his only comment was, "When you have kids, Rob, make sure you buy lots more sheets." After some caffeine, he spilled his guts. Seems that all 6 of his kids had the stomach flu that night and they had ended up changing their bed over 5 times during that night! Now, hubby is on the search for cheap sheet sets...LOL
Annie @ http://therriault.blogdrive.com

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Sorry that he's so sick. I hope yiou can all get some rest tonight and that he feels better soon.


Anita said...

Poor thing!!! I hope you all don't get it next.....

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

As much as I love FOX's 24, Jack Bauer never had such a bad day as a parent with a sick kid.