February 07, 2005

So....trip update!

We left to goto PA Friday...taking Rt. 15 from VA to Rt. 30 to PA. We arrived then quickly went to the rehab facility / home to see PopPop. He was ok, happy to see my son and my hubby, of course.

We stay w/hubby's aunt (PopPop's daughter), her husband (I'll call him M), and their daughter (I'll call her R) when we visit. They live on 10 acres w/a creek -it is heaven on earth.

Friday night we had lasagne and beer for dinner and son just loved running around the big house chasing R. She's 14 and loves kids, esp. my son!

Saturday we played in the yard in the snow, because they had tons more snow there than we did here in VA. Son loved it - throwing snowballs, shoveling, and building forts.

This is funny - the dog they have doesn't behave well when my hubby is around, because hubby gets her so excited. So everyone's constantly disciplining the dog. Son loved it - this is the first time he's gotten to tell someone what to do in his whole life. He is quite bossy of the dog!

Hubby and his aunt spent time w/PopPop on Saturday, before we went out to dinner.

Sunday we got up and went right to see PopPop. The home is a hoot. They were having a pre-Superbowl party and these people are thrilled their Eagles were in the game! (remember, very old people in this home!) Played in the snow some more at aunt's house then headed home.

We watched the Superbowl at our house (w/much complaining from my son, who only wanted to play XBOX)...boy did those commercials SUCK!

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