February 24, 2005

Asshole Drivers v. 3

More updates already?? What is wrong w/these drivers??

General Table:
General Type# Assholes Encountered
Small Truck1
Small Sedan1
Large/Med Sedan1
Sports Car1

Specific Vehicles:

AcuraIntegra----cut off driver in front of me TWICE
HondaPassport30 Something Asspulled out of parking space in front of me as I was driving thru lot
Land RoverLand Cruiser30 something femaleturned right into parking lot from the LEFT lane. I was in right lane at the time
ToyotaSmall Pickup20 Something MaleCut me off
VWJetta30 Something MaleDriving on wrong side of parking garage. Because unable to pull in space when driving on the correct side. Expected me to wait for him to park.
LincolnLS 40-50 Something MaleRan stop sign, almost hit me.

1 comment:

enjanerd said...

oh! i forgot to post up the one i had from yesterday. 40-something male in a matrix. i slowed down after a light turned yellow and stopped at the intersection, preventing the person behind me from running the red had I gone. he honks at me. next light, exact same thing. get onto 66 and he proceeds to cut me off in the merge lane. when he feels he has made his point, he moves over a lane and i end up passing him because the right lane was moving faster due to the exit ramp about a mile up.