February 20, 2005



The night out was GREAT!...

I picked up E from the airport @ 7:15...then rushed to get home and get the three of us looking HOT...

Limo ride was super-fabulous! Ted ( the driver ) was great! We went to Zola's Lounge first...but it was all old men and super-young women looking for old men with money.

Then to Dream...which is in South East DC...not a "nice" area, and since there was already an ambulance there we decided to skip it.

So we goto H2O... remember, it's 29 degrees out and we're wearing skimpy clothes and shoes. 30 minute line...Ugh! Man was it COLD! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... After paying an obnoxious cover and standing in the coat check line (another obnoxious fee) we went to get drinks and get dancing.

We met lots of cool guys and I have to ask you guys something...is it wierd that when people as what I do I reply either "computer programmer" or "software engineer"? I thought it was the way I said it, but I tried many variations, but EVERY guy just about fell over when I answered that question ...every one. Odd, isn't it? Cannot a girl be out clubbing and also be smart enough to be an engineer? Very strange.

We had a blast... We got home around 4:30 and our sons (my best friend brought hers up to play w/my son for the weekend) got up at 6:30? The nerve of those little guys I tell you ;-)

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