June 06, 2005

Another fabulous weekend!!!!

Let's see...

Saturday - we had my son's yearly "photo shoot" with our favorite photographer, Doug. He schedules you for an hour, but son was SO GOOD about posing and smiling, we went thru all the film in 20 minutes! I wasn't planning on buying more than 8x10s from this shoot (we bought 2 20x24 portraits last year) but if they come out as good as I think they will, we're doomed! Doomed I tell you!

Then we went furniture shopping for son's room. I had picked out some really nice Stanly furniture for his room. But when we got to the show room, they had a low-loft bed with a slide and he (and hubby) we smitten. So we bought that set instead (of course, it didn't hurt that the whole set was HALF the cost of the Stanley stuff).

Then off to price club where we got him the Bounce 'Round double water slide. It's 2 water slides that dump into a kiddie pool. He loves it (so does hubby and neighbors!)...

Sunday...just played outside...I went for a pedicure w/neighbor L. Then we had a nice dinner at Bob Evan's, so son could have pancakes!

All in all, quite nice. Today, I'm beat.

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girl from florida said...

aw, sounds like such a great weekend! I'm a sucker for professional pics, I can't even imagine what it will be like when we have kids.