June 07, 2005

damn hvac again

So yesterday hubby calls me to get the number for the HVAC guys (remember dummy #1 and dummy #2?). The heat pump in the attic has a drain tube that apparently they broke and just laid back in there, so the water isn't going out the tube, it's going down into our ceiling. Nice work, assholes.

So then he calls them. They don't do emergency calls, the best they can do is put us on the list for tomorrow. Once again, nice. It wasn't 95 here or anything.

So they come this morning and fix the drain pipe. I ask the guy, so if I see water coming out the outdoor drain pipe (that's what the broken pipe was), that's bad, right? He says "yes mam - call us right away if there's water coming thru that pipe.". I try to ask him if, since he knew water was TRYING to come thru the pipe if they looked at what was causing the water to come thru the pipe and he couldn't get it. Do you guys understand what I mean?

I think we had 2 problems:
1. whatever was making water go thru the drain pipe
2. drainpipe was broken, so leaking into ceiling

He could only see that we had one problem, which was #2 and kept telling me to call him if I see water coming thru the pipe. Finallly I just sent him on his way, thinking that I'll probably have to call them tonight, when I see water coming thru the pipe.

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