June 28, 2005

Really not going to believe me now...

Ok...tile guy comes today @ noon.

He stops up the drain and fills the shower floor. Leaks like crazy into my kitchen, so he then re-caulks the shower floor. He tells me to retest after the caulk has had 24 hours to setup. No problem - I forget about my shower problems for a bit.

Ding dong.

It's the plumber. He says someone JUST called him raising a HUGE stink and that he'd better get his butt over to my house? I tell him he can do what he wants but don't get the caulk wet. He tests the drain and verifies that it's NOT the plumbing leaking. Ok and he leaves.

Ding dong.

It's the builder. He says the tile guy just called him and said it was the plumbing?? So these guys fill the shower (the caulk had actually dried) and it STILL leaked like crazy.

So here's what they think...under a custom shower is a plastic barrier/bladder thing that is supposed to catch water from leaking. Apparently ours is defective and leaking into the house....

So we have 2 problems...leaking tile and leaking bladder. So they have to rip out the shower and redo the bladder, then the tile.


Tomorrow I'll tell you about witnessing a kidnapping last night. Seriously.

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