June 26, 2005

Not going to believe me...

So I left Friday to run to the craft store to get supplies for son's 4th of July shirt (that HE is making!)...I left @ 12. I returned @ 1. Stepped in a HUGE puddle in the kitchen?

WTF? Not near the sink? I was wondering how son managed to spray water that far w/out me noticing when I put my hand on the counter...in water??? WTF?

Then I noticed...water dripping from the kitchen light fixtures. Nice.

The builder sent the plumber. After re-creating the leaking and cutting TWO holes in my ceiling, he is of the opinion that the grout in the shower is letting water thru?? Of course, that's at 3 p.m. Friday. I call the builder to have them schedule a tile guy, he says there's no way it's tile, he's sending another plumber.

Half an hour later, I get a call from the original plumber (That the builder called) re-explaining the issue to me..Hello!? I didn't misunderstand you, the BUILDER is the one that said your logic was bullshit. I don't care who comes, I just want it (and the TWO HOLES in my ceiling fixed).

Of course, by then, all the builders people are gone and I have to wait until Monday to have someone to yell at.

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girl from florida said...

oh my gosh. you have to be kidding! How old is this house??