June 22, 2005

Normal you say?

Ok...last night while making dinner (ok, while watching hubby make dinner), I get a super-lightning quick stabbing pain below my uterus.


Don't remember those from being pregnant w/my son....oh nevermind.

Then again.

And again.

And again.

And so on. As hubby is considering hauling me off to the DRs right then and there, I call the DR first.

Apparently, quick stabbing pains in the 13th and 14th week (yesterday I was 13Weeks0Days or 13w0d) is NORMAL. Ooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk. If you say so. Doesn't feel normal to me to have someone jabbing a steak-knife in and out of my uterus, but ok.

It's funny, when you're pregnant, almost everything is normal. Here's my personal list of things I've called the DR about (with either this pregancy or w/my son)....

  • stabbing pains = NORMAL - as long as less than 1 minute in duration and no blood
  • light-headed and out of breath = NORMAL
  • Chest pain = NORMAL --> it's either heartburn (just got that recently) or ribcage separating to make room for baby
  • non-pain-ful contractions = NORMAL --> these are braxton-hicks contractions, not REAL ones, and no cause for alarm unless you have more than XYZ in an hour (I don't remember now what number XYZ stands for)
  • back pain = NORAML (of course)

    Well, at least today, no stabs yet!

    Katie said...

    Yeah, I had a lot of those little painful stabs too. I guess they are normal. And you're right, in PG, many weird things are considered "normal."

    You'll probably feel them for a few more weeks before they're gone. I remember getting them until I started feeling my babies move, which I was 18 weeks, I believe.

    Anita said...

    Drink more water and take that as a hint to get off your feet!

    I'm glad it wasn't anything big...

    girl from florida said...

    EEEK!!! That scares me... how are you feeling now? Get off your feet. That's my advice... not that I'm an expert. :)